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21 DAy Yoga Immmersion

Start with YOU in 2022 We are back with our online 21 Day Yoga Immersion and it is better than ever!!!   I have specially curated a program to help you grow and heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  In this Immersion you will experience WAY more than just Yoga.  You will get the beautiful healing benefits of Breathwork, Meditation, Reiki, Human Behavior Classes, Siwa Murti and more!  There is no other program out there quite like this one.  So if you are ready to become the best version of you and to feel the freedom of connecting to your authentic self, this is for you!


In this program you will have at least 2 Yoga Asana classes per week AND as mentioned above you are going to experience way more than just yoga.  I included tools that I personally use for my life that have helped me heal and grow as a person.  AND it has been scientifically proven that Yoga, Breathwork, and Yoga Nidra can aide with treating anxiety, depression, PTSD, cardiovascular issues, inflammation and much more.  Similarly meditation can have the same affects and can even help to rewire the pathways of the brain and boost immunity.  On top of all this you will receive the energy healing of Reiki and Siwa Murti which help transform physical, mental and/or emotional blocks and discomfort.  Keep reading below to meet our guest facilitators!

MEet our Guest Facilitators:

Courtney Alana Ward:

Integrative Wellness and Life Coach, Reiki Certified and Mentor.

Dr. Vanessa Febles:

Holistic Physical Therapist, Reiki Master and Yoga Instructor

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Courtney is an actor, singer, writer, and mentor in New York city.  She began her awareness practice 9 years ago to facilitate health, happiness, and success in her personal and professional life.  In her human behavior work she focuses on identifying habits and patterns to release the ones that no longer serve you, learning to observe the mind and use it as a tool instead of letting its chatter sit in the driver's seat of life and run on autopilot, and transforming perceived obstacles into pathways to fulfill personal and professional dreams.  She is a certified Integrative Wellness and Life Coach, 9 years mentor training with Point of Possibility, and level 2 Reiki certified. 


Vanessa Febles is the founder of Dynamic Balance, Inc. in Tampa, Florida; a concierge and virtual practice in which she leads with her intuitive abilities.  With over 11 years experience as a physical therapist, she has seen how clients‘ biographies affect their biologies.  She began to investigate mind body medicine, became a Reiki Master, Holistic Coach and Yoga instructor and now integrates several modalities in her body work including chakra balancing. Her mission is to help people see where they are stuck and help them go beyond their perceived limitations to manifest their deepest desires.  By giving them empowering tools, they have an opportunity to break the cycles that keep them in pain. She loves to be of service and co create a safe space for her clients to be more aware of their own intuition.


We will explore yoga poses to benefit the body (physical, mental and emotional).

Take a deep dive into a Yoga practice with at least 2 asana classes each week PLUS, explore beyond the poses and into the Breath and Meditation. 


Alllow yourself to be supported by fellow participants 

via a Private Facebook Group and group discussions.


Receive energy healing on one spot through Siwa Murti (a new modality originally from Bali) and Reiki.


Participate in a group Human Behavior/

Awareness class where whomever would like can work through any perceived obstacles/



PLUS get an introduction into EFT tapping for anxiety as well as the healing of Ho'oponopon0originally from Hawaii.

What we'll experience...


Matthew's Immersions are incredible.  He has created the most beautiful space and community for healing.  The combination of different types of yoga, breathwork, meditation, and guest facilitators are wonderful and ensure anyone can attend and receive physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual health.

Courtney Ward
(New York City, NY)

Matthew Matthew Matthew!  Where to even start to capture the beauty and spirit that is his teaching.  The 21 Day Yoga Immersion was BEYOND,  I signed up hoping to tap back into my physical body and what I got was a sense of connection with my body and spirit I haven't had in a long time.  The breathwork and Yoga Nidra were just the things I didn't know I needed to accompany my yoga practice.  Real talk, he could read me the telephone book and I would be happy.  His voice is that smooth and comforting.  I am so grateful he is continuing to do more programs.

Ashley Squires
(Los Angeles, CA)

Matthew's  Yoga Immersion has guided me to release mind chatter and clear anxiety when it appears in my daily life. This was a beautiful community I felt called to, and felt supported every step of the way. I encourage anyone who is dealing with self doubt, depression or any forms of anxiety to consider a course just like this one.  In my 29 years of living I’ve never felt this free.  I am grateful to have found Quiet Mind Yoga to guide me through my practice of being the best version of myself.

Connie Medina
(McAllen, TX)

See all the details...


This is for anyone who is ready to gain more tools for a healthier and happier life and who is ready to heal.  You will be guided through a number of techniques that can benefit you physically, mentally and emotionally.  In turn you get to decide which ones you would like to incorporate into your everyday life.  From this my hope is that you feel more free and connected to who you truly are inside.


Through this immersion you will experience over 10 different life changing modalities.  These range from Yoga Asana, Breathwork, Meditation, Siwa Murti spot healing, Reiki, Human Behavior Work, Yoga Nidra and more!  There will be at least 2 Yoga Asana classes each week. Let this be a commitment to putting you first so that you can perform at your highest level.  You'll also have an AMAZING group of people here to  support you if you ever need it. PLUS you get lifetime access to ALL the classes and can revisit them anytime you'd like.


~Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday  for 7 weeks starting January 10th @7pm CST. (Classes approximately 60-90min. each)


~Classes will be RECORDED and posted to the Facebook Group.


Via Zoom, link will be emailed. Recording will be shared to Facebook Group.

How Much:

Full Price after Jan. 1st- $388 or 3 payments of $129.50, first payment due at sign up.

*If you need more assistance with breaking down the payments please feel free to reach out to me.  I want everyone who desires to be a part of this to join no matter what.


Immersion classes (Live & Lifetime Access to Recordings), and Access to Private Facebook Community.

Yes, I want to join this amazing life changing
21 Day Yoga Immersion,
Sign me up!

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