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See below for our range of pricing plans to suit your needs!  From "Pay As You Go" to "Unlimited Memberships" we have something for everyone!  

Pay as you Go

1 Class Pass


Buy Now

5 Class Pass 

(Expires after 6 months)



10 Class Pass

(Expires after 6 months)



Unlimited Memberships

1 Week Unlimited

(New Members Only/

Local Residents Only)


1 Month Unlimited

(One-Time Purchase)


Travelers Week Pass

(For non-local students only)


1 Month Unlimited

(3 Month Contract,

Auto Renew)


1 Month Unlimited

(Auto-Renew/Cancel Anytime)


1 Year Unlimited

($500 Savings!)


Terms & Conditions:  No refunds or transfers.  Auto-Draft Passes must be cancelled at least 2 day before the next cycle begins.
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