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Doterra Essential OIls

DoTerra essential oils are the best oils I have come across on the market.  They are of the highest quality and purest form.  These are some of my favorite doTerra essential oils I recommend to go along with one's yoga practice.  Plus you can explore much more that doTerra offers by clicking here!


Balance Blend by doTerra is an amazing blend to relax and calm the nervous system.  If you need help falling asleep, put some of this oil on the bottoms of your feet and you'll sleep like a baby!

serenity oil.jpg

Serenity is one of my all time favorites!  I love the strong lavender base it contains and it is the perfect scent to help you relax.

citrus bliss.jpg

This is my go to oil if I need to lift my mood.  The blend of citrus with a hint of vanilla and other beautiful aromas are enough to lift anyones spirits.

doterra lavender.png

I feel like Lavender is a staple that any person needs if they are into essential oils.  Plus it Is highly relaxing.


I am so in love with the doTerra Yoga Collection!  They have masterfully created blends that are perfect for a variety of yoga experiences.  Whether you feel like you need to ground, energize or to center yourself, this kit provides it all.

deep blue.jpg

This is my go to product for any aches and pains in my body.  Being as active as I am it is inevitable that I have sore muscles at times.  This is an amazing blend that helps to relieve that tension.

doterra past tense.jpg
doterra terrazyme.jpeg

Past Tense is amazing for relieving tension headaches.  Apply it before a class and by the end your headache will have diminished if not gone away completely.

I don't necessarily use this for yoga but it is one of my favorite doTerra products!  It is amazing to help your digestion, I use this almost daily.

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