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Siwa Murti

Get ready to have your mind blown!


Siwa Murti

Get ready to have your mind blown!  This Balinese healing modality is beyond anything you have seen here in the U.S.  With Siwa Murti we are able to help relieve, if not remove, ailments that you have in your physical and/or emotional body.  These can range anywhere from severe body pain, vertigo, depression, allergies to even disease! I know it doesn't sound real but it absolutely is!  With this work I harness healing energies and send them into the area we are working on and let the energy do its thing.    See photos and what my Siwa Murti clients are saying below.

30 Min. Session- $100

(Can be done in-person, virtually or through photo)

Yes you read that right, through photo!

Before & After


These photos are of a client of mine that had a bad case of hives.  She had been dealing with them for a week before she reached out to me.  During that week she had gone to her family doctor who had given her steroids and antihistamines to take.  When that didn't do anything for her she went to the ER to get an IV of steroids and STILL nothing helped her.  Because she was desperate for some relief she reached out to me for healing.  This was on a Saturday afternoon when she sent me the photo on the left.  After I did Siwa Murti on her a couple of times, through photos mind you, she started feeling relief and that fire sensation that hives can bring was gone.  The photo on the right was the next morning.  And within a few days the hives were completely gone.  I'm telling you this stuff works!

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