Classes Offered



Hatha is the "OG" of yoga.  It is the style with which every other lineage of yoga has expanded from. It refers to the physical postures, developed thousands of years ago as part of the science of yoga.  Hatha incorporates a combination of breath-work, stretching, yoga postures, and meditation.  Hatha classes offer a better understanding of yoga and take you more in depth with the various postures.   This happens by holding postures longer than in a flow class, giving you time to focus on what your body is doing and observe what is going on for you internally.  It also gives a better understanding of yoga by allowing time to explain the benefits of each pose. This class is great for newcomers to yoga, as well as for the advanced student ready to fine tune their asana.  All students, regardless of level, learn foundational skills that are beneficial for every style of yoga.




A Vinyasa style is typically what most of Matthew's classes are based around.  The word Vinyasa loosely translates to "to place in a special way," referring to the sequencing of the various yoga postures.  While in a Flow class there will be exploration of postures in a more fluid way.  Classes tend to be organized with a specific theme that a sequence of postures is built around.   An example of some of the themes in classes are; deconstructing the mind, honoring the full moon, chakra clearing, heart opening, etc.  No two Vinyasa classes will be the same.  If you are a fan of mixing up your practice and exploring a wider range of postures this may be the class for you.  Vinyasa has a special place in Matthew's heart because it connects to his roots in dancing.  The fluidity as well as the building sequencing around the theme all coordinates with dance. 




Mindful yoga puts more emphasis on the inner journey of yoga.  Here the postures of Hatha yoga are explored all the while putting attention to what is going on internally.  When you look inside it includes taking a look at your physical, emotional, and mental body.  This occurs by focusing your attention to various parts of the body while connecting to the breath.  The hope is for everyone to gain more body awareness from this.  This is something Matthew is passionate about because our bodies communicate with us in ways we aren't even aware of.  For example some of the pain a person has in their body could be connected to certain emotions or thoughts that haven't been let go of and have become stuck in the body.  This is definitely a practice to take out into your everyday life so you can start connecting to your intuition and following what is truly in your best interest. 




With an intuitive class Matthew pulls from all his various knowledge within the field of growing thy self and facilitates what it is he feels you need for that specific class.  This style is geared more for private clients.  Within a one-on-one setting Matthew is able to see what it is you are specifically going through and sense what you are needing to grow your practice.  Matthew pulls from all three of the various styles listed above to create his intuitive classes.  Matthew believes sometimes it is best to not create a plan for class and to see what arises so that he can help his clients transcend what is up for them.  This class is geared more for someone who wants to utilize yoga in order to help them grow beyond the mind and help them transcend whatever it is they are currently seeing as a problem.  

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