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Facebook Live CLASSES


Breathwork & Meditation @12pm CST

(35 min.)

Yoga Flow @7pm CST (55 min.)


Breathwork & Yoga Nidra @12pm CST

(35 min.)

Yoga Flow @7pm CST (55 min.)

Sunday: (Once a Month)

Yoga, the new sunday funday @4pm CST (90 min.)

more classes coming soon!

About the classes

Yoga Flow:  While in a flow class there will be exploration of postures in a more fluid way.  Classes tend to be organized with a specific theme that a sequence of postures is built around, (i.e. Heart opening, Hip opening, Grounding, etc).  No two yoga flow classes will be the same. If you are a fan of mixing up your practice and exploring a wider range of postures this may be the class for you

Breathwork:Through a breathwork class we will explore different breathing techniques that have a variety benefits.  They include reducing anxiety, depression, PTSD, cardiovascular issues, and much more.

Meditation: During a meditation we will sit quietly utilizing a mantra (a phrase utilized to focus) to help quiet the mind and tap into a deeper place in ourselves.

Yoga Nidra:This is a guided meditation that is meant to get you out of your thoughts and in to your body.  It is proven to reduce anxiety, elevate mood, and relax the nervous system.

Private Lessons

We are currently offering PRivate and Small Group sessions at homes, Virtually, schools and businesses.  Please message for more info.

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