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Yoga + Singing Bowls

November 7th, 2021

Take time for YOU!  Allow yourself to receive the benefits of Yoga and Sound Healing.  Both of these modalities have been proven to help reduce stress, anxiety, lessen depression and uplift your mood.  To reserve your spot Click Here!. We do intend to make this a monthly event so stay tuned on our social media pages for more to come!

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Yoga + Beer

@University Drafthouse McAllen

July 21st, 2021

Yoga + Beer is HERE!!! Join us for one of the top yoga events of the summer!  Enjoy a 1 hour yoga class in the super industrial "engine room" of University Drafthouse McAllen followed by a refreshing beer or cider on the patio overlooking townlake.  Grab your friends, grab your family and grab your mat and lets celebrate summer!  Space is limited so make sure to reserve your spot by clicking HERE. We can't wait to see you all here!

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Yoga + BEER

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21 Day Yoga Immersion

February 1st-27th,2021

It's time to take care of YOU!  Take a deep dive into your yoga practice and self-care!  This is unlike any other yoga course you will ever experience. Not only will you be learning a wide variety of yoga practices but you will also receive the healing benefits from 3 other healing modalities, one of which is brand new to the U.S.!  To learn more click here.  We hope you will join us for this transformational experience!

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21 Day Immersion!

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MAY 10TH-21ST,2021

Have you dropped off your yoga practice? Feel uninspired lately? Do you want to begin a yoga practice? Need to nourish your soul?  Then I believe THIS is for YOU!


During our 10 Day Tune-Up you will experience the magic of yoga, and nourish your body (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). You will commit to a yoga practice of 5 days a week for two weeks.  You'll see that by getting yourself in your body, moving it and feeding it the care it needs, the rest of your life will begin to move and feel cared for as well.  PLUS you will get to experience two other modalities, by guest facilitators, that I utilize in my personal life, Reiki and Awareness Work! AND to top it off you will be part of a community on a Private Facebook Group that is full of love, support and care! CLICK HERE to register.

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10 DAy Tune-Up!